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Herd Media | Ohio's Newest Web Design Firm

By Robert Hadley of the Mount Vernon News Aug 11, 2021

What is the first thing that you do when you need to order-from, call or find a business near you? You “Google it” and typically are provided a list of websites and links related to your search entry. For the last two years, Herd Media has been helping small businesses be found in Google and other search engine’s results. Herd Media owner John Moore started his web design and digital marketing company at the most counter-intuitive time, at the height of the pandemic. Moore talked with the Mount Vernon News about the impetus for his business and how he helps clients promote their businesses online. Why did you start your business? I was working two jobs while attending Mount Vernon Nazarene University, both being small businesses local to the area. I realized that many small businesses are really struggling with creating, maintaining and building their websites. I had a background in Web Design and coupled with my Public Relations degree, I started assisting the businesses I was already a part of. What sets you apart from your competitors? I realized larger companies were, in my opinion, grossly overcharging for their service and providing really outdated website designs. So I kind of stepped in and said, hey, I can build you a beautiful website that's catered to your business and can move your business online through Herd Media.

What other services do you offer besides web design? Herd Media also provides graphic design, content creation, search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, social media management/ads and aerial drone footage. What key mistakes do you see clients making when it comes to their websites? The number one mistake I find is that many businesses place their digital efforts in the wrong channel. Businesses are usually spending way too much money on digital strategies that don’t benefit their specific industry the most. Another mistake is that I see a lot of websites that are not updated and do not have a modern design. Websites establish credibility for your business to the potential customer and you need to capture their attention immediately. The third mistake is not having enough points of engagement around their website. The #1 goal of a website is to have customers contact you through your site whether it be through purchases, emails, chat boxes, etc. so maximizing your screen space and design to direct engagement is pivotal. What opportunities did the pandemic offer for a web design firm? 2020 was a very hard year for many but I find that through adversity it tends to breed innovation and ideas. Herd Media has had a lot new clients that finally took the time to start that new business or launch that new product and we assist them in getting their digital presence up and running. What are some of your notable clients? The Animal Station, Mid-Ohio Generators, Thorpe Garage, Rap Management What inspired you to go into business for yourself? I think I can say my parents inspired me. My father owned his own small roofing business in the community and my mother had a successful career in the IT & Healthcare industry. Having those two as an inspiration and foundation really drove me to build something of my own. Their encouragement for Herd Media has really molded the direction of the business into seeking out small businesses and helping them become bigger online.

How do you measure success? Professionally through Herd Media, success means taking a client’s project from start to finish and not only realizing their goals but superseding them. It could be through increasing sales, increasing customer contact points and engagement, however that may be defined. On a personal side, success is defined by the relationships built between the clients and Herd Media. I become engrained in their businesses and ultimately their successes. Each one of our clients means something to us and we love to see their businesses grow.

How can customers get in touch with you? Visit my website at for an overview of the services we provide. I can be reached at 740-504-8250 or shoot us an email at


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