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How to build a great small business website in 2021

Updated: May 13, 2021

Let's get one thing clear from the beginning, building websites in 2021 is not difficult. Yes, you heard can be done. Designing the website is the tricky part.

Now that we have that out of the way, Herd Media can teach you how to build a great small business website in 2021.

1. Purchase a domain name

We are going to start from the beginning. A domain name is also known by many as your web address or the name of your website. This is what you are going to be shouting to the world when you tell all your customers to go to your website.

Key factors to keep in mind are:

  • Keep the domain name as short as possible

  • Try to get a ".com" if possible

  • Attempt to make your domain the same name as your business

  • Research your domain name, make sure that there are not any local businesses, programs, etc. that may already exist online using that same name (this will help later and for future growth)

So where to do I purchase a domain name for my business? See below for a list of domain providers for your awesome new website.

2. Pick a content management system

A content management system (CMS) is exactly what it appears to be. This is a software piece that allows you to easily manage the content that displays on your website. Content management systems allow users to manage, create and modify content across all of your pages of your site. This is a very important decision because you will be using this almost every day. Below are a list of content management systems for small business that Herd Media would recommend.

  • Wix -This is our favorite choice. Wix allows you to easily manage, upload and store all of your content for your site. Wix is extremely powerful and their drag-and-drop features are unmatched within the industry.

  • Squarespace -This is another simple and easy content management service that allows users to jump in almost instantly to creating stunning websites. Picture Squarespace as the barebones of web design but in a classy simplistic way.

  • Wordpress - Wordpress is slightly more advanced than the other two options but is the powerhouse within the web development community. Besides being the most popular choice it also has the most integrations. Be careful with the security though, being the most popular, it also is the most hacked.

3. Website Design

Finally, the sweet, sweet, eye candy of website design. But seriously, your website design has to look awesome and more importantly function. There are a lot of beautifully designed websites in the world but many fail to meet the end-users needs. Think about it, your brick and morter business is setup to cater to your customers, why shouldn't your website. Herd Media is customer focused and understands your businesses goals. That is why we design beautiful small business websites that also fulfill customers needs. Upgrade your business today and let Herd Media design your next website.

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