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Thank you.

2 years officially in.

Herd Media is growing and the businesses we serve are growing. I have learned and experienced so much working with such a wide variety of entrepreneurs. The idea of paying it forward always goes far and that growth is never by chance; it is the result of people working together. I started Herd with one goal in mind, to level the playing field for small businesses in the digital space.

Through web design, branding and digital marketing we have been able to establish many amazing small businesses digital credibility. We didn't achieve this through spending tons of money or overhauling your business, we communicated and shared your brand with a new set of potential customers online.

A website tells a story and every business has one. Herd Media will continue to help sharing it.

I wanted to thank every single person who shared my name, phone number, or website with someone looking to grow their business. Thank you again to all the businesses that trusted me with their story and brand who continued to support me over the last two years through the growth of Herd Media.


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