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Social Media Management

Social Media is the easiest way to connect with your customers. Herd Media assists small business social media campaigns by creating meaningful content on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Expand your local reach and partner with Herd Media and start growing your small business.

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Upgrade your Digital Graphics

Branding and graphics centers around the concept of credibility. Your products are great, your customer service is great, let Herd Media ensure that your graphics meet the same standard. Logo design, brand templates, color schemes, Herd Media can update your look. Social Media posts need to have a central focus and style, Herd Media can provide that.


Credibility & Reach

Many small business ask us, "How can we reach more people?" The answer is simple, optimize and expand your social media ad campaigns. 


Social Ad Campaigns

Many businesses are running their social media ad campaigns incorrectly. The main goal at Herd Media is to convert a viewer to a consumer. We know how important it is to see a customer walk through your business's front door or click "buy" on your website. Our social media ad campaigns goal is to do just that.


Link & then Link again

One of the easiest things that many social media accounts do not do is have direct links to the content they are posting about. Herd Media will connect your customers to your business or website on every post.


Drive traffic to your business

Organic reach on social platforms provide a 2% conversion rate. That means, if you have a 4,000 followers, you will be lucky to get 80 actions on that post organically. Herd Media specializes in social media ad campaigns that can grow your reach and build your organic audience.


Drive users to your website

One click. That is all it should take to put a consumer in front of your business. Herd Media targets our social media campaigns to drive traffic to your small business's website.


Consistent Posting Schedule

Herd Media will set up a consistent posting schedule on your desired platforms that is predictable for your audience to view it. We love routines and so does your audience. 


Catered Content

Content. Content. Content. Small businesses need to focus on industry specific, new content for their websites. Herd Media will keep your website up to date for years to come.

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Herd Media is currently accepting new clients for all our services. Website design is one of our biggest passions and areas of expertise.