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Big businesses are not the ones who get to have all the fun when it comes to branding and graphics. Small businesses need to focus on their branding within their digital, social, and advertising campaigns. Herd Media assists dozens of small businesses a year by building their branding through a multiple of channels.



Treat your website like you would your storefront. A website is the first thing a potential customer sees in association with your brand. Herd Media creates your website to be engaging, highly functioning and to look amazing. Small businesses in Centerburg, Ohio are benefiting greatly from these designs.


Define your brands narrative

Websites have to be simple and easy to take action when you are navigating from page to page. Design elements that funnel traffic through the proper channels are crucial not only for new users visiting the website but also keep your existing users returning.


Create Digital Assets

Most small businesses do not just offer a singular service or product so why should your website? Herd Media offers website designs to local businesses that are powerful and provide a greater functionality at a lower cost to our clients.


Research....Then Research More

Outdated websites do not rank as high on search engines. Herd Media will build your website to be search and content friendly in order to place higher on Google rankings.


Become an Expert

The absolute last thing that any individual or business is to have a data breach or to get hacked. Herd Media selects secure web hosting providers that will protect your site from malicious hackers.


Partner & Collaborate

Website designs should be simple and straightforward. Users want to accomplish their goal of knowing exactly what your service or product is as soon as they land on your homepage. Herd Media can assist in designing your website.


Expand & Grow

Many small business's websites are not optimized for mobile navigation. Google recently release documentation stating the importance of mobile sites and their ability to rank highly


Upgrade your Styling

Content. Content. Content. Small businesses need to focus on industry specific, new content for their websites. Herd Media will keep your website up to date for years to come.

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Herd Media is currently accepting new clients for all our services. Website design is one of our biggest passions and areas of expertise.